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slackline training

Interested in Expanding your rigging knowledge? Want to keep yourself, your friends, your children safe while slacklining and highlining?


At SlackTech, we take pride in designing and manufacturing the safest and most reliable slackline equipment available. We do this with a commitment to quality and strive to produce all of our equipment within the United States, primarily in Bend, Oregon. We understand that slacklining is undergoing a revolution at the moment and we are excited to already be ahead of the crowd. Additionally, we offer services such as specialized rigging training, exhibition and event support, slackline park construction and team building workshops.





Extensive Technical Knowledge

Not only do we provide some of the best slackline equipment available, we also have a tremendous body of published tech articles and technical videos to give better insight into rigging and ethical practices for slacklining. Much of this information was complied with the help of our athletes, professional rigging experts, through independent study and research.

It doesn't matter if you're new to slacklining or are looking to get some tips and tricks to speed up the rigging process. We have it all! Take a look through both our written article and video libraries to see if you can find that solution that's been a bother for months now.



One way we stay connected to the community is through our Athlete Program. There are different levels of engagement all in an effort to have you share in the stoke that is slacklining. In fact, if you have a way you'd like to engage with us that is different than what we've suggested, let us know about it! Send in a contact form with your story or idea and let's try to make it happen!

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