12 Essentials You Can’t Miss to Make Your Car Campsite Like a Home

Who doesn’t love a spot in a campsite? It’s your chance to get back to nature and enjoy a few days away from the hustle and bustle of a busy home life. Camping, however, has come a long way from when a basic two-pole tent and sleeping bag were your only options. There is now luxury camping or glamping as it’s also known by. You could go back to basics, sleep in a hammock in the forest, or go car camping. A lot of people love car camping because it offers them the best of both worlds. Read more here: https://goodcoffeeplace.com/

Car camping can be incredible fun because you get some of your beloved home comforts and can embrace nature at the same time. So, what essential items do you need to make your camping trip go without a hitch?

A Quality Sleeping Bag and Pillow

In an ideal world, you’d be able to bring your comfy mattress along with you, however, that isn’t always possible. So, you must make the best of an awkward situation. If you don’t already have one, buy a comfortable sleeping bag suitable for your height and girth. You want a bag that can double up as an extra cushion or a blanket; and the bag needs to be suitable for warmer temperatures. You can’t always pack a dozen extra blankets, whereas you can take off a few layers if too warm.

Pack a Slackline to Entertain Yourself and Others

While you probably don’t associate slacklining with camping, packing a slackline can be a smart idea. It’s easy to string up and practice. You can keep the line low to the ground and make a fun afternoon for everyone to get involved with. A slackline kit can be great if it’s something you know how to do or have tried before.

A slackline can add a new dimension to campsites because it’s fun and lots of tricks to try too. If you want to work on your balance, a slackline can be an excellent addition to the camping experience. It’s versatile and great for children and adults alike. Of course, you can keep the line one foot off the ground or even lower for safety.

A Reliable (and Quality) Camp Stove

A camping stove is crucial for all campers. However, the size of stove will depend on the amount of space you have available. If your vehicle is on the small side, then you’re likely going to require a smaller stove. It’s difficult because some campers may prefer to dine at local eateries, others will prefer to cook outdoors. You could choose a backpacker’s single-burner stove or a two-burner foldable gas stove.

However, if you’re cooking outdoors, it’s crucial to remove all waste – including food scraps and wrappers. You don’t want to harm the environment or attract animals looking for justify overs.

Safety Matches or a Fire-Starting Tool

A lot of people don’t think about fire-starting tools or safety matches when they go camping. Without a fire, you’re likely go cold, even if the temperatures during the day are high. Remember, temperatures drop at night and depending on where you go car camping, it could get extremely cold. You need a tool that’s create a spark so that you can get a fire started. Fortunately, there are lots of safety tools that’ll help; however, you should not leave home without it as it’s an essential tool.

A Plastic Water Jug

You wash up dishes and freshen up in the morning and that requires a lot of water. Instead of having several smaller pots or kettles, buy one larger water jug. It’ll be far more convenient and can hold more water than many other items. However, it might be easier to use a plastic jug rather than a glass one. This is especially useful if you accidentally drop the jug and it’ll be lighter and easier to store too.

Suitable Camping Lights and A LED Headlamp

People don’t think about lamps or lighting when they go car camping, however, these are essential. You need lamps to help keep the campsite illuminated when it gets dark outside. While a headlamp mightn’t be what you want to wear, it’s an essential tool for campers everywhere.

A Mechanic’s Tool Set

A lot of people don’t think about buying a mechanic’s tool set, however, it’s an essential item to have when camping outdoors. Fortunately, you can buy a set that has a ratchet, hammer, screwdriver, tape measure, and pliers for very little. While you don’t think you’ll need to use the set, you never know when the occasion calls for it.

A First Aid Kit

Being prepared for a camping trip is great but accidents happen without warning. You can’t predict if or when someone will cut themselves or receive a minor bump; and that’s before the bugs come out to play. So, having a first aid kit is an essential item you cannot afford to forget when camping. You can buy a prepared kit or build a DIY kit with bandages, anti-septic cream, and over-the-counter pain relievers. You should always have one of these kits in the car; it’s the same with prescribed medicines and medications.

Pack Suitable Clothing for the Occasion

It’s important to pack clothes suitable for the trip. This means packing walking boots or shoes rather than stiletto heels if you’re on a mountainside. It’s the same with your shorts and sweaters. You should have clothes for warmer weather and cooler temperatures, as well as suitable footwear. While it seems like you’re doubling up on clothes, it ensures you’re fully prepared for the camping trip.

Pack Biodegradable Wipes

If you’re going back to basics, you may not have the luxury of bringing towels, soaps, and shower gels. So, be smart and use biodegradable hygiene wipes. They’re not too expensive and can be useful if there aren’t many wash facilities available.

Coffee Gear Suitable for Outdoor Campsite

Whether you’re adding luxury to your camping adventure or going back-to-basics, you don’t need to miss out on your morning coffee. You could consider camping coffee makers so that you can brew a cup as and when you need to. This ensures you don’t miss out and there are lots of options to consider if space is an issue.

When choosing camping coffee gear, think about how often it’ll be used, how much space it’ll take, and what you’re happy to spend. You should be able to find a suitable option somewhere along the line.

A Cooler with Enough Food to Last the Trip

Regardless of the type of foods you like, you need to pack enough supplies to last the week. Coolers are ideal because they come in all shapes and sizes and can store a lot of products. They’ll keep the food fresher for longer and you can pack everything conveniently into the cooler. Of course, you must store your food properly. If you’re camping in an area where bears are known to reside, it’s important to keep your food separate at night. This is to protect you against bears.

Pack For Adventure – And Every Scenario You Can Think Of

When everything goes right, you can enjoy being close to nature and spending time outdoors. Unfortunately, when it goes wrong, you’re stuck in a living nightmare that drags for several days. Fortunately, there are ways to avoid such trauma’s and that is to pack smart. Packing the necessities for outdoor camping is essential because your camper van is your home for the next week. You need the basic camping equipment and much more to ensure you have a comfortable stay. Always pack smart and enjoy your nature outing.