Intro to Highline Anchor Building



The topic of highline anchors and systems is the most complex of of any topic discussed in these articles. We want to stress that simply watching videos and reading various articles will not sufficiently prepare anyone to go out and rig their own highlines. We strongly advise finding an experienced group of highline riggers to learn from. We also suggest rigging with someone who can double check everything before you take charge of rigging. Every highline location has different requirements/ethics and it is critical that you understand the basic aspects of a highline anchors and systems before venturing into uncharted territory.

always have another rigger check your work,

especially if you are new to anchor building!!

The Kings Mistress at Smith Rock State Park.

The Kings Mistress at Smith Rock State Park.

Theory and Concepts of Highline Anchor Building - Our next series of articles

To begin, we’re going to look past the materials and connection methods. We are going to cover some theory before diving too far in. Highline anchors come in two basic forms: Single-point and Multi-point anchors. Future articles will explain the difference between the two styles of anchors while discussing the goals and precautions when creating highline anchors. There is a lot to understand so we’ve broken the content down into the following topics:

- Single-Point Anchors -

- Multi-Point Anchors -

- Load Sharing-

- Extension and Shockload-

- Multiplying Effects of Angles in Anchors-

- Anchor Configurations-

- Backup Anchors -

- Anchor Extension -

- and More... -

how - to - rig - Safely

Interested in Expanding your rigging knowledge with a face-to-face expert? Get ready because spring, summer and fall of 2018 our team will be available at world famous highline destinations teaching beginners through advanced slackliners; how - to - rig - safely!