slacktech Pro slackliners

SlackTech Pro Athletes are seasoned professionals who exemplify the highest levels of abilities, motivation, and outlook. We reached out to and hand-picked these individuals to join our pro athlete program and expedite learning and education in all disciplines of slacklining. Our SlackTech Pro Athletes are an international and multi-talented group hailing from Mexico, Canada, Switzerland, and the USA.


Current Base : Moab, UT - USA

Brian Mosbaugh is the creator, editor and photographer for the internet domain Conqueror of many life achievements commonly not considered of worth to the material world; he lives a simple and balanced life on the line. In all seasons he can be found wandering among the diverse wilderness of the natural world with a focus of establishing new highlines in beautiful spaces, climbing to the summits of many tall rocks, BASE jumping from elevated surfaces and documenting the exciting lives of balanced athletes with his camera.


Damon Hill

Current Base : South Carolina - USA

Damon has been an active member of the SlackLife for several years now. His journey began in South Carolina where he got into slacklining through and eventually moved out to Boulder, CO to join the thriving trickline scene there. With a background in parkour, freerunning and freestyle rollerblading he competed in some of the biggest competitions in tricklining. The GoPro Mountain Games, Redbull Baylines, and Muscle Beach Open, just to name a few. Currently he resides in South Carolina where he spends most of his time helping grow the community by establishing highlines and by spreading the slack love. Damon is a current Adidas Terrex Grassroots Athlete as well as an Ecoxgear Ambassador.


If you're interested in becoming a SlackTech Pro Athlete let us know! Check out the Athlete Program page, if you if you feel you meet the requirements and can fulfill the expectations send us an application. We are always looking for talented slackliners that have a passion for sharing their specialty and can always bring the stoke!