Slackline Ambassadors

David Kingston

David Kingston

Current Base : So Cal - USA

We tried to get Dave to write a bio for us. For months actually... I guess it's true, he's too busy replacing highline bolts, establishing new lines, and training the next generation of highliners. maybe he'll give us something in time! Keep raging!!!

Our Ambassadors consists of exemplary stewards of the sport, each in their own right. For these people, the slackline is a mode of expression that each has found and uses to bring satisfaction to their lives and to the lives of others. They just love to spread the stoke and truly embody the slacklife!

Jonathan Kao

Current Base : Redwood Coast of California, USA

Jonathan Kao was formerly a science technician roaming the deserts of the American Southwest performing research in service of the American people. He suspects he was pulled into an alternate slack-dimension by a spatial anomaly created when a spontaneous highline, acroyoga, and fire-spinning session created stoke waves which were magnified through the fibrous circuitry of an early space station prototype; warping the string-based fabric of reality and forever changing Jonathan Kao’s future housing options and levels of peanut butter consumption.

He dedicates most of his effort into researching highlining as a training method for utilizing the breath and body to affect the mind. He believes that through training one can develop a connection with the line that is uninhibited by veils of the conscious mind. Through this process of effortless effort, the slackliner will be able to break the illusory bonds of self limitation and perhaps gain a glimpse into the unfiltered nature of reality. He is also actively developing rigging techniques that will allow the creation of slackline experiences designed to cause viewers to question their perception of reality.

His slack journey has brought him to many locales, both exotic and mundane, in search of others who seek the path of fiber-induced transcendent experiences. He has lived in Moab, Utah, and Bend, Oregon, and was last seen on the North Coast of California. Rumors exist of seemingly supernatural rigging and bigfoot encounters in areas he is said to frequent.


Dan Walsh

Current Base : New Hampshire, USA

Dan got hooked on slacklining after discovering it at the climbing gym in his hometown of Concord, New Hampshire in 2013. Like many, it started as just a fun cross training activity for climbing but shortly after he got the bug and started his journey towards the SlackLife. As a slackliner, Dan loves challenging himself on longer, looser, and higher lines but it's the community, friendships, and adventures that really pulled him into the scene. Traveling for slacklining has become a significant part of Dan's experience. It's hard not to recognize the passion he has for this aspect of the SlackLife. Recreation motivated travel allows him to meetup with old friends all around the country all the while making new ones from all over the world.

A scientist by background and healthcare consultant by day, Dan uses his analytical skills as a volunteer for the International Slackline Association to analyze slackline accident and injury data. Dan co-published the first Slackline Accident and Incident Report in 2015 and is working on subsequent analyses to help the community understand current issues, improve safety, and educate the public.


Pierre Carrillo

Current Base : So. California, USA

Pierre is a balance artist coming from an extreme sports and musical background. After many years of skateboarding he discovered the practice of slackline. Initially his practice of slackline was but a personal journey towards balance in his life. His arrival to Montreal QC, and immediate immersion into a world of circus artists, drew him to sharing his art through performance. Fusing his practices of slackline, yoga, acrobatics, music, foot juggling with the love of playing, Pierre makes art through every aspect of his life.

Pierre has performed in shows, festivals, special events and street performances around the world and has worked with Cirque du Soleil, Les Productions Haut Vol, Recircle Collective, and ZenArts to name a few. His ultimate goal through his practice is to inspire people to find happiness. He is currently persuing a degree at UC Bereley.

If you're interested in becoming a SlackTech Ambassador let us know! Check out the Athlete Program page, if you if you feel you meet the requirements and can fulfill the expectations send us an application. We are always looking for talented slackliners that have a passion for sharing their specialty and can always bring the stoke!