What the program is about

Our contributor program was created to develop a direct pathway for local stoke builders (aka SlackLifers) to positively influence the worldwide slackline community. We want to bring your stories of trips, training, mishaps and successes to the greater slackline community so that we can all keep dreaming, learning and doing. 

In exchange for your amazing content and stories, we'll add 18 points towards your SlackLifer account so that you can continue living the SlackLife with unique gear only attainable through the program. You’ll also get worldwide recognition within the slackline community bringing more slackliners under your wings of influence to grow your local community


Bring your story to the slackline community!

Before getting started, there are couple things to know:

● All contributions are welcome, regardless of your past writing experience or topic. Don't be shy!

● Stories shared in English, German, French and Spanish are acceptable and will be shared in their original language.

● We may edit submissions for grammar, punctuation, and clarity.

● All written submissions must be original works and not published elsewhere.

● Before you submit, know that you own full rights to all content provided. SlackTech is not responsible for any inaccuracies, infringements or misrepresentations.

Email your photos and or video to jason@slacklinetechnology.com and include the title of your post as the email subject.

● Save your work on your computer before sending the form.


Submissions often—but not always—fall within one of the following categories: Stories, Videos, Trips, Mishaps, Training. Upon submitting, we will review your submission and get back to you

within 7 days. If your story is posted we’ll send you some proper recognition and add the points to your SlackLifer account. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to contact us. Thanks!

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