YogaSlacker eLine Slackline Kit

YogaSlacker eLine Slackline Kit


The eLine Slackline Kit is a great beginner slackline that can be used like a balance line. This version of the eline comes with a few more features than the origional version. It's for those looking to get a little more bomber with their slackline. This kit contains a low-stretch, 1 inch wide slackline that sets up easily with a simple closed loop, friction locking system.

Made in Taiwan

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Color: Orange

Length of Lines: 49 ft (15 m)

Locking System: Friction Lock

Min Breaking Strength: 4,468 lbs (21.5 kN)

Webbing Width: 1 inch (25 mm)

Working Load Limit (WLL): 900 lbs (4 kN)

Full Description

This version of the eline comes with the same webbing as the original but with a slightly different anchoring system. The kit has two anchor slings removing the girth hitch needed on one side and an additional carabiner to make the connection. It also comes with tree padding so you do not need to make your own. This is a great value and certainly a kit worth getting. 

Kit Includes

If you're curious about slacklining, this is the perfect beginner slackline to start with. The kit includes everything you need to get started, taking the guesswork out for you!

  • 3x Oval Key Lock Locking Carabiners
  • 1x Line Lock
  • 2x 2 meter Anchor
  • 1x 15 meter eLine Slackline
  • 1x Mesh Storage Bag
  • 1x Instruction Sheet
  • 2x Tree Pro

Slackline yoga (or slackasana)has been described as “distilling the art of yogic concentration” and is achievable by almost anyone with a little bit of perseverance and patience. The practice has many layers, simultaneously developing focus, dynamic balance, power, breath, core-integration, flexibility, and confidence. Utilizing standing postures, sitting postures, arm balances, kneeling postures, inversions and unique vinyasa, a skilled slackline yogi is able to create a flowing yoga practice without ever falling from the line.

Made in Taiwan

Warning: NEVER use this product as a highline!