Mobius Highline Anchor System

Mobius Highline Anchor System

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SlackTech is happy to introduce a revolutionary new product for highline anchor building, The Mobius Highline Anchor System. Gone are the days of adding more and more gear to make it "safer."T hat practice just buries potential problems and failure modes... it doesn't allow them to be seen. These days it's about understanding the systems and streamlining the rigging process. This 4 point adjustable anchor is made from 1/4" Amsteel Blue SK78. Each leg is adjustable from 2.5 to 6 feet and the dual coloring makes leg identification a breeze. The protective Cordura sleeves protect the Amsteel Blue SK78 against abrasion and helps make this a bombproof yet versatile anchoring system.

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Material: 1/4" Amsteel Blue SK78

Single Leg WLL:

Adjustable Length:  Aprox. 2.5 to 6 feet


Color: Orange/Black

highline anchor

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The Mobius Anchoring System by SlackTech is a revolutionary anchoring system specially designed for multi-point highline anchors. Made from 1/4" Amsteel Blue SK78 and protected by nylon sleeves, this highline anchor is super simple to install, adjust, and use when compared against the options that exist today. Built into this anchor system are aspects like strength, versatility, abrasion resistance and redundancy making this the new go-to for multi-point highline anchors. Every aspect of this system has been looked at and analyzed, all the way to the rigid DMM thimble as a master connection point.

System Includes

  • 1 - Masterpoint Thimble
  • 4 - 8 mm quicklinks
  • 1/4" Amsteel Blue Rope
  • Webbing sleeves (optional)

Tips on Use: The Mobius Anchoring System is built using adaptive technologies and methods from the rigging, and rope access world. The adjust-ability comes from the whoopie or Chinese finger trap principle of 12 strand rope, like what Amsteel is. In order for the whoopies to work properly and consistently, they must be under tension. if there are cycles of loose to tight tension the whoopies can slip and release transferring load to the other anchor points. To combat this potential slippage or release be sure to tie off the tails of the whoopies tight to their exit points from the load bearing strand. Always have all 4 legs connected to anchor points, even if your anchor has fewer connection points.

Warning: These activities are inherently dangerous and carry a significant risk of injury or death that cannot be eliminated. It is the users responsibility to obtain spesific training and to use it safely. Do not use unless you can and will understand and assume all risk and responsibilities for all damage/injury/death that may result from use of this equipment or the activities undertaken with it.

Made in USA