Leash of Iktomi

Leash of Iktomi

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The leash of Iktomi is the next step in highline leash evolution. Every component of the leash system was evaluated and streamlined all in an effort to bring you the best walking experience. We looked at the knots, rings, handling characteristics, strength of historic leashes and Iktomi was presented. The trickster, the teacher, the shape shifter... Feel how your experience changes when walking with Iktomi.

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Slackline Ring Strength: 39 kN (8,800 lbf)

Spliced Rope Strength: 39 kN (8,800 lbf)

Knotted Rope Strength: 19.5 kN (4,400 lbf)

Color: Hot

Leash Length: Variable

Total Weight: < 1 lb

Harness Ring Connection (x2): 44 kN (9,891 lbf)


Full Description


The Leash of Iktomi is our effort to create yet another piece of high performance gear that compliments the walking experience rather than detracting from it. We looked at every aspect of the current leashes available and made improvements to each, end to end, we looked at it all. And the result was something truly remarkable.

Tie In System Includes

  • 1 - Highline Leash Ring

  • 1 - Leash (8 ft)

Ringed System Includes

  • 1 - Highline Leash Ring

  • 1 - Leash (length variable)

  • 2 - Petzl Open Ring

We started at the leash ring, machining an ultra light weight and low profile bomber ring from 7075 aluminum; this is the key element in the system. Less mass swinging around means less potential for high inertia impacts to the hands, feet and body. We then looked at the rope. The question was posed, why do we use knots that increase the opportunity to get fingers and toes twisted up and reduce rope strength by up to 50%? Let's splice it, using a much stronger yet slightly more static rope and retain close to 90% of the rope strength at each termination point. The connection to the body required getting rid of the bulky knot to create a solid, low profile and easy to remove connection point. Two Petzl gated rings are used for the attachment point to the harness. Yes, you must remember to keep track of a tool but is that any different than any other piece of gear critical to a highline system? By using different materials and changing the system, we were able to reduce the weight of the entire leash system by more than 0.5 lbs most notably at the leash ring end where we decreased the trail behind weight by more than 60%; all the while making the system stronger and easier to manage.

Unlock the trickster inside and explore the enhanced freedom of movement the Leash of Iktomi brings. 

Everything in this highline leash system has been balanced in regards to load ratings and strength to exceed the 8,800 lbf target we had established for ourselves, making the entire package much stronger and safer than what has existed and been available in the past. Why did we use 8,800 lbf as our target? Because past field tests have shown peak forces on a "screaming static" backup fall to be around 1,700 lbf. That's our applied WLL, we then applied a 5:1 design/safety factor to get our MBS; 8,500 lbf. 8,800 is just beyond that limit and is the rope manufacturers stated breaking strength of the spliced rope

This is the most streamlined highline leash system offered by any slackline company to date. Each leash is hand made to the users specifications. We understand every-body is different which is why we want to make a leash just for you. 

Warning: These activities are inherently dangerous and carry a significant risk of injury or death that cannot be eliminated. It is the users responsibility to obtain specific training and to use it safely. Do not use unless you can and will understand and assume all risk and responsibilities for all damage/injury/death that may result from use of this equipment or the activities undertaken with it.

Made in USA