Learn how to rig Slacklines


slackline & highline rigging Clinics

slackline rigging clinics and classes

Jason Fautz, Founder of SlackTech and contributor to Rigging Lab Academy is happy to offer up his knowledge and insight to those slackliners wanting to take their rigging practice to the next level. We offer 2-3 day long clinics that involve rigging; lots of rigging... and slacklining.


Slackline Parks for Cities, Climbing gyms & ropes courses

slackline parks

Looking to add slacklining to your current activity offerings? We would like to provide you a unique, one-of-a-kind space that is as unique as slacklining. Creating space that is safe for both the participant and observer is critical when creating a fully functioning slackline environment. Flow of people, alternate user groups, engineering difficulties all are things we take into account when creating a space. Please send us an email using the contact form to discuss your project.


Corporate consulting and Team Building

corporate consulting

The slackline is a great tool to demonstrate trust, look deeper into situations and explore process steps within business operations. Plus it's fun and gets you outside rolling on the grass laughing with your team. Jason spent years in corporate America and used the slackline during that time to unwind after thinking about process engineering solutions for the aerospace industry... boring stuff. The corporate jobs didn't pan out but while using the eyes acquired learned through Lean6Sigma Blackbelt training and other accomplishments in industry he figured out how to apply those learning to the slackline and found immediate success. 

Basic principles of Kaizen (positive change) can be applied to the slackline, industry and person. Using the slackline as a tool we demonstrate and practice many important considerations for business, overall situational awareness and action. Send us an email to check availability and to discuss options for your team.


Event Rigging & Slackline Performances

slackline exhibition and performance

SlackTech has been around since 2013 and our experience has grown beyond the rocks and forests to events and performances. If you're looking to have a world class trickline performance or a highline rigged for a jaw dropping event; we can do that! Want a graceful slackline yogini to dazzle the crowd? We can provide that as well.

Please submit a contact form and tell us a little about what you would like to do. Rates vary based on project complexity and performers acquired.