How to set up a Trickline

Transitioning to tricklining requires bomber gear and nerves of steel. Busting big tricks and aerials requires precision in execution and the know-how to rig safely. Things change when you're creating big energy. Learn the differences in rigging practice between your basic slackline ratchet and trickline ratchet systems.


1 of 4 : Advancing to Tricklining on 2" webbing - As you venture into tricklining there are some important things to consider. Most important is moving away from the girth hitch with ratchets! This has proven to be a danger out method of attachment, learn why in this series of videos.


how - to - rig - Safely

how to set up a trickline

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2 of 4 : Forces Involved in Tricklining


3 of 4 : Double Ratchet Trickline Systems

4 of 4 : Tricklining on 1 1/4" Webbing