How to set up a slackline

This 6 part video series gives you a good look at the two different styles of basic slacklines. We look at the primitive (Ellington) and ratchet slacklines, go over set up, and talk about some of the bennefits and drawbacks to each system. We hope you leave with a good sense of which slackline you might start off with.


1 of 6 : Intro to Basic Slackline system - We look at the two different styles of basic slackline tensioning systems; the primitive and ratchet tensioning systems. When a beginner slackliner, it's sometimes hard to pick a direction to go; 1" or 2", primitive or ratchet.


2 of 6 : Primitive Tensioning System

3 of 6 : Ratchet Tensioning System

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4 of 6 : Backing Up the Slackline Rig


5 of 6 : Comparison of Basic Slackline Systems

6 of 6 : Protecting the Trees