Equipment for advanced slacklining

This 14 part video series was put together with progression in mind. Moving from the beginning stages of slackline rigging to a more advanced practice requires a lot of know how. This slackline video series should give you a good foundation on hardware theory, equipment and insight into rigging practices. Enjoy!


1 of 14 : Hardware Ratings; WLL, MBS & SF - When getting into advanced slacklining there are many things to consider while selecting the appropriate gear. In this video we discuss what terms such as Minimum Breaking Strength, Working Load Limit and Safety Factor and how is applies to the gear used for slacklining.


2 of 11 : Material Fatigue & TriLoading


5 of 14 : When to Use Quicklinks

3 of 14 : When to Use Carabiners


6 of 14 : Mechanical Properties of Slackline Webbing

4 of 14 : When to Use Shackles


7 of 14 : Performance Characteristics of Slackline Webbing


9 of 14 : Rope Used for Tensioning Systems


12 of 14 : Adding a Multiplier

10 of 14 : Pulleys for Tensioning System

11 of 14 : Brakes for Tensioning System


13 of 14 : Building the Tensioning System

14 of 14 : Increasing Mechanical Advantage

how - to - rig - Safely

equipment for advanced slacklining

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