Slackline Ambassadors

Our Ambassadors consists of exemplary stewards of the sport, each in their own right. For these people, the slackline is a mode of expression that each has found and uses to bring satisfaction to their lives and to the lives of others. They just love to spread the stoke and truly embody the slacklife!


Jon Kao

Current Base : Nor. California, USA

Jon is a busy guy, he's writing something today


Danielle Drouet

Current Base : Colorado, USA

Danielle started slacklining in 2008 when she took her first rock climbing class in high school. Her teacher, Jeff would set up a small primitive rig in the gym as a side activity. If asked, she wouldn’t would say she was immediately hooked, yet intrigued by it because at the time, climbing had definitely taken a precedence. It wasn't until she found out about the YogaSlackers all girls slackline gathering in Sisters Oregon of 2014 when she learned about the possibilities of slacklining, including longlining and highlining. After that, she was hooked.

She went to GGBY for the first time in 2015 and the event changed her perception on slacklining, the possibilities seemed endless. Her first year she didn't attempt anything longer than an 80 foot highline. Danielle says, “Because it terrified me.” She described her feelings upon returning to GGBY in 2016 just a year later, “It was wild to see my progress in such a short amount of time. I went from the 80 footer full of fear to crossing the biggest line rigged (220 meters) with no fear, feeling calm, and excited to be out on the line.” She adds, “Highlining continues to amaze me, seeing my friends and peers crush lines that I didn't even think were possible just years ago is so inspiring to me. I never thought I would come this far and now I feel like anything is possible. Slacklining and most particularly highlining, has brought so much into my life, I love everything about it, the fear, frustration, joy, excitement and the community.”


Eli Ellis

Current Base : Colorado, USA

Eli is a Colorado local, raised in Boulder and shaped by the mountains. He was first introduced to slacklining in 2010 at The Spot bouldering gym at the young age of 13. While competing on The Spot’s competitive climbing team through highschool, he would always take time to practice static tricks and jumping on the slackline. While this exposure to slacklining created a strong base, it wasn’t till he got to college he really started exploring slacklining and rigging. At CU he began slacklining with the Slackers at CU club, becoming co-president within a year of joining. He quickly took up longlining and highlining after onsighting his first highline at The Spot’s first open highline/slackline event. Within just over a year of being introduced to highlining, he has already began working on establishing longer and longer highlines. From teaching slacklining at music festivals, to crossing 100m+ highlines, Eli brings the stoke!


Liz Thomas

Current Base : Oklahoma, USA

“Who is that GIRL?” “What is she wearing?” “OMG, she can do that?!” These are the common expressions that follow Liz Thomas where ever she goes. If you have not yet met Liz, you will certainly remember her when you do. She is tiny in stature, but her passion, colorful nature and enthusiasm for adventure make her seem like she should be twice the size.

Growing up in Oklahoma, Liz took interest in a variety of activities; she performed with the Cherokee National Youth Choir, participated in the Girls Scouts, dabbled in cheer leading and helped raise horses and goats on the family property. Her exposure to kinesthetic play came when she moved to Durango, Colorado to attend Fort Lewis College. Her playful and outgoing personality brought her to slacklining, rock climbing, aerial silks, yoga and poi. Once exposed, she immediately started sharing her newfound activities with friends, children and really anyone that wanted to play. This kind of enthusiasm is what has allowed Liz to progress rapidly in these activities, especially on the slackline.


David Kingston

Current Base : So. California, USA

David is a bad ass rigger and slackliner.



Sebastian Garza

Current Base : VanLife, Mexico

When my friends and I started slacklining there were only a handful of people in Mexico that even knew what slacklining was. Most information we obtained about safety and technique was from research online. The activity quickly became an addiction for us and our enthusiasm began to spread around Mexico.

This little group of amazing people started to became my family. We started to train almost every day creating a community that had just one dream; to get better and walk longer slacklines, every day. The slackline has changed my life. The family grows every day and the different styles and techniques are always motivating. It got me to believe there are not limits. The best part of my life now is that I can travel around the world, meeting amazing people and slacklining in beautiful places, always leaning and sharing. I'm so glad to be part of this new world community and so grateful for all the people that provide guidance and remind me that limits only exist in your mind and that dreams can became truth. Thank you SlackFamily for the best 6 years of my life!


zac Timmons

Current Base : Arizona, USA

Slacklining since 2008, Zac Timmons has practiced just about every modality of slackline at one point or another. After being introduced to highline and longline by SlackTech Ambassador David Kingston in 2009, Zac sent Arizona’s (then) longest highline (70M) when the world record was still just 100M. After years of distractions including tricklining, school, and work travel, Zac has recently rededicated himself to the practice of highline and the inspiration-seeking vagabondery known best as the Slacklife. As a well-rounded slackliner, consistent mentor to his local community, committed traveller, and safety-obsessed rigging theorist, Zac is a proud addition to the SlackTech team


Dan Walsh

Current Base : New Hampshire, USA

Dan got hooked on slacklining after discovering it at the climbing gym in his hometown of Concord, New Hampshire in 2013. Like many, it started as just a fun cross training activity for climbing but shortly after he got the bug and started his journey towards the SlackLife. As a slackliner, Dan loves challenging himself on longer, looser, and higher lines but it's the community, friendships, and adventures that really pulled him into the scene. Traveling for slacklining has become a significant part of Dan's experience. It's hard not to recognize the passion he has for this aspect of the SlackLife. Recreation motivated travel allows him to meetup with old friends all around the country all the while making new ones from all over the world.

A scientist by background and healthcare consultant by day, Dan uses his analytical skills as a volunteer for the International Slackline Association to analyze slackline accident and injury data. Dan co-published the first Slackline Accident and Incident Report in 2015 and is working on subsequent analyses to help the community understand current issues, improve safety, and educate the public.


Pierre Carrillo

Current Base : So. California, USA

Pierre is a balance artist coming from an extreme sports and musical background. After many years of skateboarding he discovered the practice of slackline. Initially his practice of slackline was but a personal journey towards balance in his life. His arrival to Montreal QC, and immediate immersion into a world of circus artists, drew him to sharing his art through performance. Fusing his practices of slackline, yoga, acrobatics, music, foot juggling with the love of playing, Pierre makes art through every aspect of his life.

Pierre has performed in shows, festivals, special events and street performances around the world and has worked with Cirque du Soleil, Les Productions Haut Vol, Recircle Collective, and ZenArts to name a few. His ultimate goal through his practice is to inspire people to find happiness.

moab monkeys brian mosbaugh

Brian Mosbaugh

Current Base : Utah, USA

Brian Mosbaugh is the creator, editor and photographer for the internet domain Conqueror of many life achievements commonly not considered of worth to the material world; he lives a simple and balanced life on the line. In all seasons he can be found wandering among the diverse wilderness of the natural world with a focus of establishing new highlines in beautiful spaces, climbing to the summits of many tall rocks, BASE jumping from elevated surfaces and documenting the exciting lives of balanced athletes with his camera.