Our Ambassadors consists of exemplary stewards of the sport, each in their own right. For these people, the slackline is a mode of expression that each has found and uses to bring satisfaction to their lives and to the lives of others. They just love to spread the stoke!

gabriela vargas

Gabriela Vargas

Finding herself immersed in the heart of Mexico City, Gabriela started playing on slacklines for fun while attending University in 2012. At the time, slacklining was a brand new thing in her home country of Mexico. As time went on she started getting more involved with the activity and she, along with a group of friends started a slackline community in Mexico City called, Tenochtitline. The intent with the group was to share slacklining with friends, both old and new, all the while building and cultivating the budding slackline community. Her passion and quest for balance has brought her to participate in all sorts of events, both as a performer and instructor. Currently, she travels and dedicates her time to spreading her interest on the principles of Yoga applied to the practice of Slacklining and Acroyoga techniques.

Gabby’s goal is to continue learning about balance through the exploration of the interrelationship between body, mind and movement. She seeks to bring community together through playful times that inspire people to live their lives happily and freely.


Pierre Carrillo

Pierre is a balance artist coming from an extreme sports and musical background. After many years of skateboarding he discovered the practice of slackline. Initially his practice of slackline was but a personal journey towards balance in his life. His arrival to Montreal QC, and immediate immersion into a world of circus artists, drew him to sharing his art through performance. Fusing his practices of slackline, yoga, acrobatics, music, foot juggling with the love of playing, Pierre makes art through every aspect of his life.

Pierre has performed in shows, festivals, special events and street performances around the world and has worked with Cirque du Soleil, Les Productions Haut Vol, Recircle Collective, and ZenArts to name a few. His ultimate goal through his practice is to inspire people to find happiness.

liz thomas

Liz Thomas

“Who is that GIRL?” “What is she wearing?” “OMG, she can do that?!” These are the common expressions that follow Liz Thomas where ever she goes. If you have not yet met Liz, you will certainly remember her when you do. She is tiny in stature, but her passion, colorful nature and enthusiasm for adventure make her seem like she should be twice the size.

Growing up in Oklahoma, Liz took interest in a variety of activities; she performed with the Cherokee National Youth Choir, participated in the Girls Scouts, dabbled in cheer leading and helped raise horses and goats on the family property. Her exposure to kinesthetic play came when she moved to Durango, Colorado to attend Fort Lewis College. Her playful and outgoing personality brought her to slacklining, rock climbing, aerial silks, yoga and poi. Once exposed, she immediately started sharing her newfound activities with friends, children and really anyone that wanted to play. This kind of enthusiasm is what has allowed Liz to progress rapidly in these activities, especially on the slackline.

brian mosbaugh

Brian Mosbaugh

Brian Mosbaugh is the creator, editor and photographer for the internet domain Conqueror of many life achievements commonly not considered of worth to the material world; he lives a simple and balanced life on the line. In all seasons he can be found wandering among the diverse wilderness of the natural world with a focus of establishing new highlines in beautiful spaces, climbing to the summits of many tall rocks, BASE jumping from elevated surfaces and documenting the exciting lives of balanced athletes with his camera.

mason earle

Mason Earle

Mason Earle grew up in Concord, MA, where climbing trees evolved into a passion for climbing rocks. After seeing pictures of Dean Potter highlining above Yosemite, Mason took some of his top-rope webbing and rigged his first Slackline. It has been a part of his life ever since. At the age of 18 Mason moved west for college, and began to hone his climbing and balancing skills. Now based out of Salt Lake City, Mason is a full time rock climber, going on expeditions around the world in search of unclimbed rocks.

When he is not on trips, Mason spends every spring and fall in the unofficial Slackline Mecca of Moab, UT exploring for new hard climbs, and can be found hanging out with the ever present monkey community of climbers, slackliners, and BASE jumpers. Mason thinks that everyone should give slacklining a try. He believes that the intense concentration and mind control required by walking long slacklines is excellent cross-training for climbing and life in general.

marc thompson

Marc Thompson

Marc grew up in a town close to Bern, Switzerland. He discovered the slackline when a restaurant offered him free desert for sending a 30 footer. That elusive bowl of ice-cream got him hooked and he started practicing alone until he found, the Bernese slackline association with heaps of knowledge and stoke to share. He has now built firm roots in Bern and helps with organisational work and the annual slackline festival there.

Through his slackline practice Marc found a passion to invest in and it has opened doors to many other forms of movement, as well as many new friendships. Through his internship at SlackTech he was able to meet the lovely people in central Oregon and expand his fetish for cool slackline gear. He is still figuring out how to slackify his life after he gets his university degree.